Sunday, 4 September 2011

Goodbye Summer

Summer 2011 is now drawing to a close so I thought I'd do a little inspirational photo/summary to fill the gap for when I return to college on the 12th September. (Just over 1 week!!!) I've been on Summer break since the end of June, 12 weeks is a long time so I'm ready to get back into the whole fall way of life and back into education.

What have I been doing this Summer?

  • Saw Kids in Glass Houses with Stacey 
  • Kids in Glass Houses midnight album release & signing
  • Hid Merthyr Rock flyers around Queens Arcade & the city centre
  • Lauren's beach party/getting lost on the coast trying to find the beach with Stacey
  • Lauren's surprise party
  • House sitting Laura's house for a week
  • A-level results party 
  • My birthday
  • Job interview
  • Shopping in Cardiff 
  • Bought ATL tickets
  • Midnight beach trips
  • All nighters
  • Borrowing energy drinks from the car that left the window open (THANK YOU BABE!!) 
  • McDonald's drive thru trips
  • Tesco car park
  • Littlewood's car park
  • Getting stopped by the police
  • Tailing Josh & Connor
  • Tailing Jake
  • Sian's hamster died (R.I.P Pebbles)
  • Psychic fag skins 
  • Hide & Seek in the dark in Laura's house
  • LUH!
To you guys those events mean nothing, to me & my friends they make up the best summer ever. Omg, this has been amazing! Next summer is the last summer before I leave for university so every moment from here on in matters to me. 
Well I'm going to Merthyr Rock in the morning to see The Blackout, Funeral For A Friend, Young Guns, Save Your Breath etc. with Stacey & her friend Carrie. Perfect ending to the best summer. 

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