Sunday, 18 September 2011

drop her dead

drop her dead

Tabitha Simmons platform shoes
$2,185 -

Clutch bag
$2,930 -

drop her dead

drop her dead

Tabitha Simmons platform shoes
$2,185 -

Clutch bag
$2,930 -

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Merthyr Rock

My friend Stacey & I went to Merthyr Rock 2 days ago in Merthyr Tydfil. We met some of her friends from away up there & spent the day with them in Cyfartha Park. There were so many bands walking around *cough*Kids in Glass Houses & Lost Prophets*cough* 

There were 2 stages, the 2nd stage & the main stage. The second stage was curated than none other than Kids in Glass Houses themselves. Here's the line-up for each stage below:
Second stage
Future of The Left
Exit International
Save Your Breath
The Social Club
Dead Beggars Club

Main stage
The Blackout
Funeral for a Friend
Young Guns
Attack! Attack! 
My Passion
The Guns

I would've taken loads of pictures myself but my camera is broken, I'm waiting for college to start so I can get a new one. 14mp Alba here I come! Instead here are some taken by a photographer called Finn Beadles, there is a link below the photos. I take no credit for any of them, but you can find me in the first 3 photos shown.

source: Finn Beadles


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Goodbye Summer

Summer 2011 is now drawing to a close so I thought I'd do a little inspirational photo/summary to fill the gap for when I return to college on the 12th September. (Just over 1 week!!!) I've been on Summer break since the end of June, 12 weeks is a long time so I'm ready to get back into the whole fall way of life and back into education.

What have I been doing this Summer?

  • Saw Kids in Glass Houses with Stacey 
  • Kids in Glass Houses midnight album release & signing
  • Hid Merthyr Rock flyers around Queens Arcade & the city centre
  • Lauren's beach party/getting lost on the coast trying to find the beach with Stacey
  • Lauren's surprise party
  • House sitting Laura's house for a week
  • A-level results party 
  • My birthday
  • Job interview
  • Shopping in Cardiff 
  • Bought ATL tickets
  • Midnight beach trips
  • All nighters
  • Borrowing energy drinks from the car that left the window open (THANK YOU BABE!!) 
  • McDonald's drive thru trips
  • Tesco car park
  • Littlewood's car park
  • Getting stopped by the police
  • Tailing Josh & Connor
  • Tailing Jake
  • Sian's hamster died (R.I.P Pebbles)
  • Psychic fag skins 
  • Hide & Seek in the dark in Laura's house
  • LUH!
To you guys those events mean nothing, to me & my friends they make up the best summer ever. Omg, this has been amazing! Next summer is the last summer before I leave for university so every moment from here on in matters to me. 
Well I'm going to Merthyr Rock in the morning to see The Blackout, Funeral For A Friend, Young Guns, Save Your Breath etc. with Stacey & her friend Carrie. Perfect ending to the best summer. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Due to the fact summer is coming to a close. I've decided to take a break from blogger until i start back in college in September. I'd love to be able to continue blogging but right now I have no camera as it broke at a party so that needs to be repaired & I have to tie up the loose ends in my design book and I'll be spending the reminder of my time with my friends & travelling so I literally have no time!
Sorry :(

Speak soon (yn)
Kayla xx

Saturday, 30 July 2011

what to expect from kayla?

Lately I haven't been blogging about what I want or as often as I would like so in the next few days I'll have to organise this blog a bit, change the layout & think of post ideas! Fortunately my mum bought me batteries for my camera today (Thank you Tesco, b1g1f) so I can add those pictures to my f21 haul and do some personal kind of posts which I have been wanting to do for quite a while.
Also I have a few art-based projects I want to share which is linked to my course in college so will make sense in a few weeks, i'm not going off track I swear!
As far as lookbooks/OOTD are concerned I have a feather based lookbook coming up very soon when I have the time to dedicate to the post.

Be patient & you will see these things happening, thank you (:

Amy Valentine giveaway!

Amy Valentine is the reason I started up my blog again, because when I was reading hers it really inspired me so I think you should understand my excitement when I saw she was having a 150 followers giveaway!!

The giveaway includes:

  • A handmade make-up crafted by sew beastly
  • A handmade ear wrap by Amy herself
  • 10% discount at the sew beastly shop
  • Rimmel London nail varnish
  • Tiara Pinkie ring from
Pictures & rules can be found on the original blog post (here)
I hope you all enter, so happy entering

Thursday, 28 July 2011

f21 mini haul

Forever21 is an extremely popular store in the States which is why I was extremely excited when they unveiled their British website not too long ago. Even though I am in love with f21 after watching countless American beauty gurus on YouTube I have only just got round to purchasing something from the store! I am so mad at myself that I haven't before, the service and everything was just amazing. 

The first item I wanted was a pair of simple skinny jeans, originally I wanted to buy a stone wash pair but the smallest size was 30in which 5in bigger than what I needed but I saw these darker wash whiskered jeans that I instantly fell in love with. When I purchased them they were available in size 25in to 30in but looking at the website right now the 26in and 30in are the only sizes available so looks like these jeans won't last long! They come in 2 colours: denim & dark denim (basically grey). Purchase them here for £14.75

The second item was this knitted rosette beanie hat, on sale from £6.65 to £2.99. Available in 3 colours: oatmeal, taupe & burgundy. I bought this because well it was on sale and winter's coming up soon s I'm going to need a cosy hat to protect my hair from the harsh weather conditions that will ensue! I picked the lightest colour (oatmeal) knowing it's extremely neutral and will go with anything in my wardrobe which is a must for my accessories  Purchase it here

Pictures coming soon

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

discuss our current relationship status

Day 11
In the past month I've got out of a relationship and am honestly in no rush to get back into one, I'm going off to university in one year so what's the point in getting committed just because you can? I'm 16 & don't need anything holding me back so I'm just enjoying the freedom I have left with my friends before I move away next year. Just because everyone's in relationships doesn't mean you need to be, I'm fine with being independent.

your view on drugs & alcohol

Day 10
There's nothing wrong with drugs & alcohol as long as it's done in moderation. For instance, I'm under-age and of course I've touched alcohol, what British teenager in the 21st century hasn't? Unlike the majority of people I know where I live, me and my friends don't get wrecked every weekend. Two of them have gone straight edge, meaning they don't touch drugs or alcohol!
Personally I've never touched drugs but about 95% of the people I know have, a few of the people I grew up with are now on drugs on a regular basis, that doesn't change my opinion of them. They're still the same people I knew they just harm their bodies in an unnatural way, thing is I won't judge them for it. It's their choice at the end of the day!

I've been lucky in my life, I have never been pressurised into taking drugs or touching alcohol or into smoking. If I try something it's my choice and no-one elses.

Vanessa Hudgens jumps on the short band wagon

Logging onto msn doesn't tend to shock me, today it made my jaw drop. You know that msn today news pop up thing? One of the article links showed a picture of Vanessa Hudgens.. with short hair. Normally I'd leave the link and close the window but I had to check this out!

Although this look was unveiled for a Neutrogena event it was't really hyped up until the Captain America red carpet premiere where she sported a glam take on the look in LA on 19th July 2011.

Source - here

This may be for a film role but Hudgens wears this style with true Hollywood confidence. Her upcoming film 'Gimme Shelter' is a whole world away from her Disney High School Musical roots, Vanessa will be playing a pregnant homeless woman! Shocked?

Personally I think she carries off this look effortlessly but I still prefer her signature wavy locks. What do you think?

Monday, 25 July 2011

your last kiss

Day 9
I've missed a few days, silly kayla.
Anyway, my last kiss? Oh god. My last kiss was the early hours of this morning in a game of truth & dare. I'm not going into detail as that game stays in that room.

grant mower? who?

A 12 year-old boy from Flower Mound, Texas has been confirmed to create a dress for the first lady Michelle Obama. I saw this on Perez Hilton's blog, (where else?) and after watching the video along with reading the post itself decided this really needed to be recognised!

Of course it's been hard for him, I mean everyone gets bullied in school at some point. Imagine being a 12 year old guy wanting to be a fashion designer in middle school.. tough right? His perseverance is inspiring, no matter what the bullies do he carries on reaching for what he wants in life!

He won a local fashion competition in his home town beating out fashion students in high school and college! Impressive.  Here's some pictures of the designs I could get hold of:

I really wanted to show you the design he has in store for Mrs Obama, but it's being kept securely under wraps! Grant will be travelling to Park City, Utah to schedule a fitting with this lucky lady whilst she's in town for a presidential fundraiser next week.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

OPI collab with the Kardashians

Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian gave editors a preview of their nail polish line coming out soon. Each colour is named after one of the kardashian/jenner women.

  • Rainbow in the s-kylie
  • Listen to your momager
  • My empire, my rules
  • Follow me on the glitter
  • Kourt is red-y for a pedi
  • Khloe had a little lam-lam
  • Wear something spa-kylie
  • All kendall-ed up
  • Disco dolls
  • Kendall on the katwalk
  • It's all about the glam
  • Sealed with a kris
  • Kim-pletely in love
  • Hard kourt fashionista
They hit stores this summer for $8 each! BARGAIN!

something you're currently worrying about

Day 8
I'm a teenager so of course I'm worrying about something, isn't everyone from the age of 14 worrying about something worth while? We all have different worries from everyone else but there's always a few that bring a group of people together.

1. I'm worried that I'm not going to finish my college work to the standard I need it to be
2. I'm worried that I won't get into my chosen university
3. I'm worried that I'll lose touch with all of my friends when I'm in uni
4. I'm worried that my parents won't become financially stable
5. I'm worried my dad won't get a job
6. I'm worried about my dog dying in front of me every day

Friday, 15 July 2011

your opinion on cheating on people

Day 7
Pointless and frankly can hurt a lot of people. I'm not going to lie and be like "i've never done it blah blah blah" because I have & I regretted it. I was a little bratty child that confused, I know that's no excuse but my friends are honestly the best people ever and forgave me giving me the chance to prove that I had changed!
Now my view on cheating is: you're hurting yourself as much as you're hurting them. To put it frankly you'd be the bad guy. So if you ever do it, just realise it was a mistake and move on and learn from it or I you ever find yourself in a situation with the option to cheat choose the other one. it might be hard, but in the long run you'll be happy you chose it!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

the person you like and why you like them

Day 6
I'm not going to go into a lot of detail 'cause I don't really fancy people I know personally reading and being like "oh my god! it's about ... isn't it?". Frankly if you were close to me, you'd know I liked and who I didn't so if you know me and don't then.. well. Too bad.

  • Kind
  • Funny
  • Random
  • Shy until you get to know him properly 
  • Confident
  • Good music taste
  • Lush hair 
  • Eyes
  • Friendly 
  • Gets on with everyone
That's really all I can think of without unveiling who it is, so I'll leave you with that list and that list only

can i hear giveaway?

Okay, so I'm not the one doing a giveaway life of a sweetaholic is!
Every morning I wake up I enjoy checking blog posts made by the blogs I follow and today I saw Rhiannon made a blog post about this very giveaway!

There's not one but THREE prizes to be given so click on the image above and get applying!

-Kayla xoxo

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex

Day 5

  • constantly talking like literally never stop talking
  • goes on about things that you can tell no-one in the group cares about
  • having a go at people for no reason
  • arrogance
  • obnoxious
  • when they nag
  • bring down the mood of the rest of the group
  • talking under their breath when reading
I'm sure there's more but right now I can't think of them

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

get to know the girl behind the writing

1. do you have any pets?
Yes, 1 cat & 1 dog!

2. Name 3 things that are physically close to you.
Canvases, pack of custard creams & my blackberry

3. What's the weather like right now?
Torrential rain & thunder :(

4. Do you drive? Have you ever crashed?
Not old enough to drive until next month. No

5. What time did you wake up this morning?
Originally 7:35am didn't get out of bed till 12:30pm

6. When was the last time you showered?
Last night

7. What was the last movie you saw?
Marley & me

8. What does your last text message say?
Ok. Talk after . XxxX

9. What's your ringtone?
Blackberry default

10. Have you ever been to a different country?

11. Do you like sushi?
As far as I know, no. I only tried the Morrison's brand so I'd be willing to try a more high end/ sushi from an actual sushi bar

12. Where do you buy your groceries?
My parents buy them mainly from Tesco & Lidl but we do shop at Morrison's too!

13. Have you ever taken medicine to help you fall asleep faster?

14. How many siblings do you have?
2 older brothers (26 & 30) and 1 older sister (32)

15. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?

16. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?
17 (30 days!) :D

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses?
Glasses for long distance (computers, white boards and TV)

18. Do you colour your hair?
I have done in the past but right now, I only have blonde highlights over my natural hair colour

19. Tell me something you were planning to do today
Offer to volunteer in a charity shop & apply in a café.. then it started to rain and thunder

20. When was the last time you cried?
Uhmm, Sunday watching the Harry Potter premier speeches

21. What is your favourite pizza topping?

22. What do you prefer? Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers?

23. Have you ever had an all nighter?
Yes, torture sitting in college at midday finally being hit with tiredness

24. What is your eye colour?

25. Can you taste the difference between pepsi and coke?
Yes, pepsi tastes so much better!

murder jewellery?

I was flicking through Fleur's blog today where she was raving about these pumps she found in NYC and that she clicked on Perez Hilton's blog and found Sel Gomez wearing the bootie edition. Well I found my inspiration for this post on Perez's blog myself!

M.I.A's older sister, Kali Arulpragasm, has released a jewellery collection under her jewellery line Super Fertile based on the theme of murder. The jewellery resembles gun shot wounds, machete slashes & machine gun spray.
It is said "to portray the inhumanity of the world"

However gruesome this sounds, class and sophistication is shoved back in using the form of garnets, rubies & sapphires which are encrusted into every wound. The collection was created to show us what the world has become & it's definitely done that job!

LookBook images from the shoot are very powerful and have probably shocked the fashion world more than the items themselves! The collection is very pretty regardless of it's background and will hopefully open people's eyes to the inhumane acts of violence some people suffer on this planet.

[source: refinery29]

I have been informed by Kali Arulpragasam herself that this collection isn't in stores at this moment but you are welcome to visit Super Fertile. The prices will range between £160-£1650 so there's a variety of prices to fit any budget! Keep a look out for these beauties in the shops!

what you wear to bed?

Day 4
In the Summer I wear loose fitting tops & bottoms like joggers that are too tatty to see sunlight or little shorts for when it's really warm with oversized t-shirts or tank tops from Primark.
In the Winter I wear tight clothing to keep in the heat, I bought a fleecy pyjama set from Primark a while ago & I love wearing it in the winter. Sometimes I wear some of my bed hoodies too to stay warm.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Mary Katrantzou

Designer name: Mary Katranzou
Origin: Athens, Greece
Design background:  Mary attended Rhode Island School of Design and then completed both her BA and MA at Central Saint Martins. She has previously worked for Sophia Kokosalaki and freelanced for Bill Blass, amongst other designers.
What are your design signatures?: "A hyperrealist aesthetic, bold graphics and industrial jewellery"
How would you describe the Mary Katranzou woman?: "She has a liberated spirit and a strong sense of style"
What is your trademark piece?: "For Spring/Summer 2011 it was the lampshade skirt."
Name three things that are inspiring you for Autumn/Winter 2011: "Diana Vreeland, coromandel screens and the interwar period"
What's next for your brand?: "Autumn/Winter 2011 and a collaboration with Atelier Swarvoski"
What music is playing in your studio?: "Erasure"
What encapsulates fashionable London for you?: "Somerset House during London Fashion Week"
How does London influence your designs?: "It's a constant source of energy and inspiration to live and work in London. It has a reputation for great fashion, influential museums and strong education. That all becomes part of your formation."
source: link

I am obsessed with Mary Katrantzou's designs, they're all so bold and out there without looking tacky. She digitally prints images onto an array of outfits mainly shift dresses. The reason I am covering this designer on my blog is because: 
  1. It ties in with the work I have been set by college, don't you just love summer homework?
  2. Her designs are so simple and inspiring for everyone to aspire to, after practise anyone can do this!
The website won't let me copy and paste or save the pictures to my laptop in anything other that ASPX (no idea what format that is) so I can only put the links below unfortunately. You can make your opinion about her collections and tell me what you think.

What sort of person attracts you?

Day 3
I don't know. I like people who are confident and make me feel extremely comfortable & can talk to about anything really easily. Lately I've been attracted to skateboarders.. bad idea. I just find the tricks so amazing and how confident they are about it all, makes me want to try it out and all.
They have to be able to make me laugh all the time, whenever I'm with a guy I like generally my stomach or my face hurts from the amount of laughing. It's pretty crazy but humour is the most attractive characteristic in a person for me. I rely heavily on this but I know I shouldn't as just because they can make me laugh doesn't mean they're a good person, I learnt this the hard way a few times.
Kindness is a nice one, if a guy is nice to me I'm more likely to feel something for him rather than if he acted like a jerk to show he liked me. What's the point in that? If you like someone you should be generally nice to them, what kind of girl likes being treated like shit? I rest my case.
This is where it gets weird, I like strong forearms. Don't ask, I don't know why either. I just like them. They make it seem like they can take care of you and protect you and all that random crap that no-one really likes to say when they're talking about this kind of stuff but there we go I said it.
Short short hair is a huge no-no for me, I prefer longish hair. It just looks so gorgeous and nom. Yes, nom!
I have a major weak spot for eyes, just the way they show emotion is surreal. When they sparkle when someone's happy and glimmer like water when they're sad, it's just so crazy but I love it so much!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

how have you changed in the past 2 years?

Day 2
2 years? wow, uhmm. That's a really long time. I guess you could say I've matured quite a lot and gone through so many phases of fashion, emotion, attitude etc. Alot has happened in the past two years that I had two options over: 1. let it break me - 2. suck it up and move on. Yes it was hard at the time, but I got over it. It's true what they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

The clothes has changed so much over the past 2 years, like at one point I was quite "emo" (emo is not a stereotype, it's a genre of music. just so you know) then it went kind of grungy then casual then a huge list of other styles till I got here to a point where I'm happy with the clothes I wear and how wear my hair & make-up.
Emotion, let's just say. I've lost a lot of people. I'm not going to go into detail as this information is quite personal & would prefer to keep it to those close to me, but I can say that I went through a period where I guess you could say I developed a slight form of depression & insomnia. Yes, that is not an exaggeration. Over time I got rid of that and met some new people when I started college & reconciled with others and now I literally cannot be any happier! I love myself.
Attitude isn't really abnormal, I'm a teenage girl. I have hormones. I have an attitude. Sound familiar?

sunday summary 4

1. got an adorable dolphin fountain
2. fell in love with barr orangeade
3. didn't get my lumix slr camera
4. cleared out my room of unwanted items
5. caught up with an old friend from school
6. spent some time with my friends in the rain
7. watched jerry springer & played mario kart till 3am
8. barbeque over my mum's friends house
9. dyed martin's hair black
10. got back with martin <3
11. received an array of drunken texts from an old interest
12. received dance certificates & medals from exams
13. wore my cheryl cole trousers for the first time
14. booked the harry potter tickets, hello midnight viewing

Saturday, 9 July 2011

weird things you do when you're alone

I've decided to participate in a 30 day challenge to help me get into the habit of posting at least once a day as right now this sin't happening and I'm not posting as much as I would personally like to, so this is an experiment to see if I can fix this!

Day 1

  • Attempt to do handstands which I still am unable to do
  • Sing at the you of my lungs
  • Plan out conversations in my head
  • Talk to the mirror
  • dance around my room like a lunatic, you know the moves your parents do on the dance floor? that type
  • Watch movies over & over again until I know every word

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

canada day haul

You may or may not know this but Friday 1st July was Canada day. Another fact you may not know is that I'm of Canadian descent so I thought a small shopping spree was in order to celebrate this fact, however this one day shopping trip turned into a two day shopping spree.

Friday was spent shopping in the town neighbouring where I live, in the morning I ran some errands with my mum & met up with a family friend before meeting up with Stacey in the afternoon and splurging on small items that I fell in love with! Saturday consisted of me & my parents travelling up to Cardiff to view the University of Glamorgan campus here. Cardiff being the capital city of Wales, it was the perfect place to look for bargains and shock horror I spend the whole time I had spare in Primark as the items are quite cheap and apply to my taste in fashion. 

Friday 1st July
New Look - £2.50
The headband has a vintage style print on it with a wire fed through the fabric so it doesn't loose shape. I ave been debating on purchasing a headband such as this for quite some time and when I saw this on sale how could I say no? oh, that's right I couldn't. I'm quite worried about the quality of the wire though, as after a lot of manipulation some wires weaken and snap/keeps the previous shape but I will just have to see how that goes.

Dorothy Perkins - £2.00 
Feathers are everywhere lately (including this haul) from the catwalk to the high street. Looking through the discount racks in DP I found this pair of blue feather earrings that dangled from a small extended gold chain, simple yet very fashionable & classy. Jewellery I have bought from DP from the past has lasted to a satisfactory level so I knew from the word go these were going to be good quality and worth the money (even if they were on sale!). Soon I will probably do a lookbook/OOTD using these earrings as the main focus.

Peacocks - £3.60
Feather earrings are literally plastered over the high street so I wanted to mix it up a bit and buy a second pair that were a bit more interesting to look at than the other pair. The colour combination on them is to die for, I love how the orange, green and pink compliment each other quite well. Admittedly I have had trouble with jewellery from peacocks like the earring stems have snapped off or the bracelet fell of my wrist and shattered etc. So my expectations of this item are a little bit more negative than I would like to push these to the back of my mind, I will need to try them out. Again I will do a lookbook/OOTD based on the earrings.

Boots - £1.99
Natural Collection has become a best friend of mine over the years but I have never tried the lip products, don't ask me why! I am in LOVE with this lipstick in Candy Mist. I have one in a similar colour called Strawberry Milkshake by Nyx but that one is more pigmented and not suitable for daytime wearing unless you're really daring. The Natural Collection version is more toned down & subtle.

Boots - £1.99
The other day I ran out of lip gloss so this was top of my list, and considering I bought the lipstick I may a swell  as have bought the matching lipgloss right?

Boots - £1.99
Re-purchased the neutral translucent loose powder, I loved this last time but it always used to react with the foundation I used at the time. It;s great to have temperamental skin don't you think? I thought I'd give this another try as since last time I used this I have switched moisturisers and foundations, wanted to test if there'd be a difference and at that price, what would it matter if it didn't work out?

Boots - £1.65
Bobby pins. May I say any more?

Wilkos - £4.99
College work, purchase! Need to paint & manipulate animal prints onto them by the end of summer for my project! Looking forward to it so much. How-to post coming up soon!

Saturday 2nd July
top in the wash, pictures when i can!
Primark - £3.00
Admittedly I fell in love with it on the hanger, went back to buy it later in the day after I viewed the university which is one of my choices after leaving college. By the time I went back it was rush hour, the queue for both the till and the changing room was just major and I had a train to catch so obviously I opted for the tills queue. When I got home I tried it on, and hated it. It was literally an unflattering cape with tight sleeves that drowned my figure but after wearing it for awhile I realised it wasn't that bad! I'll do a lookbook on different ways to style this top as it looks quite difficult to style differently due to the awkward shape.

 Primark - £1.00
I've seen this hair band before on Youtube when Shannon (glammerdoll) bought it and shown it in a haul on her channel, but hers is in brown and mines turquoise/baby blue. I've been searching for this forever, unfortunately 3 hours traipsing around Swansea Primark didn't pay off but 30 minutes walking through Cardiff ground floor did?! That should've been my first choice, let's be honest. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was on half price, okay so it was only £2 to begin with but still a bargain!

 Primark - £2.00
This clip was a last minute pick up as I was walking to the till but I don't regret it like I usually do. It's so cute!   The dragonfly with the feathers cascading down on chains are quite summery in my opinion, and are quite indie really. Lately I've been really into the indie style (as you can tell from the feathers) so this was just second nature to pick it up on an impulse and automatically fall in love.

 Primark - £10.00
I nearly didn't get this, as I spent 10 minutes looking for my size and nada but then I went back to the rack and thought it'd look nice as a slouchy summer cover-up and ran to the till before I could change my mind. It's quite on trend right now, as TopShop have recently showcased an oriental kimono style trend that is set to be huge this summer! As this cardigan is quite loose I can shove a belt around the middle and give it the kimono vibe, can I hear two styles in one? Oe of the reasons I love Primark so much, the clothes are reasonably priced and easy to manipulate into whatever style you want. Win Win for Kayla & Primark

Kayla xoxo