Tuesday, 12 July 2011

murder jewellery?

I was flicking through Fleur's blog today where she was raving about these pumps she found in NYC and that she clicked on Perez Hilton's blog and found Sel Gomez wearing the bootie edition. Well I found my inspiration for this post on Perez's blog myself!

M.I.A's older sister, Kali Arulpragasm, has released a jewellery collection under her jewellery line Super Fertile based on the theme of murder. The jewellery resembles gun shot wounds, machete slashes & machine gun spray.
It is said "to portray the inhumanity of the world"

However gruesome this sounds, class and sophistication is shoved back in using the form of garnets, rubies & sapphires which are encrusted into every wound. The collection was created to show us what the world has become & it's definitely done that job!

LookBook images from the shoot are very powerful and have probably shocked the fashion world more than the items themselves! The collection is very pretty regardless of it's background and will hopefully open people's eyes to the inhumane acts of violence some people suffer on this planet.

[source: refinery29]

I have been informed by Kali Arulpragasam herself that this collection isn't in stores at this moment but you are welcome to visit Super Fertile. The prices will range between £160-£1650 so there's a variety of prices to fit any budget! Keep a look out for these beauties in the shops!

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