Tuesday, 5 July 2011

canada day haul

You may or may not know this but Friday 1st July was Canada day. Another fact you may not know is that I'm of Canadian descent so I thought a small shopping spree was in order to celebrate this fact, however this one day shopping trip turned into a two day shopping spree.

Friday was spent shopping in the town neighbouring where I live, in the morning I ran some errands with my mum & met up with a family friend before meeting up with Stacey in the afternoon and splurging on small items that I fell in love with! Saturday consisted of me & my parents travelling up to Cardiff to view the University of Glamorgan campus here. Cardiff being the capital city of Wales, it was the perfect place to look for bargains and shock horror I spend the whole time I had spare in Primark as the items are quite cheap and apply to my taste in fashion. 

Friday 1st July
New Look - £2.50
The headband has a vintage style print on it with a wire fed through the fabric so it doesn't loose shape. I ave been debating on purchasing a headband such as this for quite some time and when I saw this on sale how could I say no? oh, that's right I couldn't. I'm quite worried about the quality of the wire though, as after a lot of manipulation some wires weaken and snap/keeps the previous shape but I will just have to see how that goes.

Dorothy Perkins - £2.00 
Feathers are everywhere lately (including this haul) from the catwalk to the high street. Looking through the discount racks in DP I found this pair of blue feather earrings that dangled from a small extended gold chain, simple yet very fashionable & classy. Jewellery I have bought from DP from the past has lasted to a satisfactory level so I knew from the word go these were going to be good quality and worth the money (even if they were on sale!). Soon I will probably do a lookbook/OOTD using these earrings as the main focus.

Peacocks - £3.60
Feather earrings are literally plastered over the high street so I wanted to mix it up a bit and buy a second pair that were a bit more interesting to look at than the other pair. The colour combination on them is to die for, I love how the orange, green and pink compliment each other quite well. Admittedly I have had trouble with jewellery from peacocks like the earring stems have snapped off or the bracelet fell of my wrist and shattered etc. So my expectations of this item are a little bit more negative than I would like to push these to the back of my mind, I will need to try them out. Again I will do a lookbook/OOTD based on the earrings.

Boots - £1.99
Natural Collection has become a best friend of mine over the years but I have never tried the lip products, don't ask me why! I am in LOVE with this lipstick in Candy Mist. I have one in a similar colour called Strawberry Milkshake by Nyx but that one is more pigmented and not suitable for daytime wearing unless you're really daring. The Natural Collection version is more toned down & subtle.

Boots - £1.99
The other day I ran out of lip gloss so this was top of my list, and considering I bought the lipstick I may a swell  as have bought the matching lipgloss right?

Boots - £1.99
Re-purchased the neutral translucent loose powder, I loved this last time but it always used to react with the foundation I used at the time. It;s great to have temperamental skin don't you think? I thought I'd give this another try as since last time I used this I have switched moisturisers and foundations, wanted to test if there'd be a difference and at that price, what would it matter if it didn't work out?

Boots - £1.65
Bobby pins. May I say any more?

Wilkos - £4.99
College work, purchase! Need to paint & manipulate animal prints onto them by the end of summer for my project! Looking forward to it so much. How-to post coming up soon!

Saturday 2nd July
top in the wash, pictures when i can!
Primark - £3.00
Admittedly I fell in love with it on the hanger, went back to buy it later in the day after I viewed the university which is one of my choices after leaving college. By the time I went back it was rush hour, the queue for both the till and the changing room was just major and I had a train to catch so obviously I opted for the tills queue. When I got home I tried it on, and hated it. It was literally an unflattering cape with tight sleeves that drowned my figure but after wearing it for awhile I realised it wasn't that bad! I'll do a lookbook on different ways to style this top as it looks quite difficult to style differently due to the awkward shape.

 Primark - £1.00
I've seen this hair band before on Youtube when Shannon (glammerdoll) bought it and shown it in a haul on her channel, but hers is in brown and mines turquoise/baby blue. I've been searching for this forever, unfortunately 3 hours traipsing around Swansea Primark didn't pay off but 30 minutes walking through Cardiff ground floor did?! That should've been my first choice, let's be honest. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was on half price, okay so it was only £2 to begin with but still a bargain!

 Primark - £2.00
This clip was a last minute pick up as I was walking to the till but I don't regret it like I usually do. It's so cute!   The dragonfly with the feathers cascading down on chains are quite summery in my opinion, and are quite indie really. Lately I've been really into the indie style (as you can tell from the feathers) so this was just second nature to pick it up on an impulse and automatically fall in love.

 Primark - £10.00
I nearly didn't get this, as I spent 10 minutes looking for my size and nada but then I went back to the rack and thought it'd look nice as a slouchy summer cover-up and ran to the till before I could change my mind. It's quite on trend right now, as TopShop have recently showcased an oriental kimono style trend that is set to be huge this summer! As this cardigan is quite loose I can shove a belt around the middle and give it the kimono vibe, can I hear two styles in one? Oe of the reasons I love Primark so much, the clothes are reasonably priced and easy to manipulate into whatever style you want. Win Win for Kayla & Primark

Kayla xoxo

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