Monday, 11 July 2011

What sort of person attracts you?

Day 3
I don't know. I like people who are confident and make me feel extremely comfortable & can talk to about anything really easily. Lately I've been attracted to skateboarders.. bad idea. I just find the tricks so amazing and how confident they are about it all, makes me want to try it out and all.
They have to be able to make me laugh all the time, whenever I'm with a guy I like generally my stomach or my face hurts from the amount of laughing. It's pretty crazy but humour is the most attractive characteristic in a person for me. I rely heavily on this but I know I shouldn't as just because they can make me laugh doesn't mean they're a good person, I learnt this the hard way a few times.
Kindness is a nice one, if a guy is nice to me I'm more likely to feel something for him rather than if he acted like a jerk to show he liked me. What's the point in that? If you like someone you should be generally nice to them, what kind of girl likes being treated like shit? I rest my case.
This is where it gets weird, I like strong forearms. Don't ask, I don't know why either. I just like them. They make it seem like they can take care of you and protect you and all that random crap that no-one really likes to say when they're talking about this kind of stuff but there we go I said it.
Short short hair is a huge no-no for me, I prefer longish hair. It just looks so gorgeous and nom. Yes, nom!
I have a major weak spot for eyes, just the way they show emotion is surreal. When they sparkle when someone's happy and glimmer like water when they're sad, it's just so crazy but I love it so much!

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