Sunday, 10 July 2011

how have you changed in the past 2 years?

Day 2
2 years? wow, uhmm. That's a really long time. I guess you could say I've matured quite a lot and gone through so many phases of fashion, emotion, attitude etc. Alot has happened in the past two years that I had two options over: 1. let it break me - 2. suck it up and move on. Yes it was hard at the time, but I got over it. It's true what they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

The clothes has changed so much over the past 2 years, like at one point I was quite "emo" (emo is not a stereotype, it's a genre of music. just so you know) then it went kind of grungy then casual then a huge list of other styles till I got here to a point where I'm happy with the clothes I wear and how wear my hair & make-up.
Emotion, let's just say. I've lost a lot of people. I'm not going to go into detail as this information is quite personal & would prefer to keep it to those close to me, but I can say that I went through a period where I guess you could say I developed a slight form of depression & insomnia. Yes, that is not an exaggeration. Over time I got rid of that and met some new people when I started college & reconciled with others and now I literally cannot be any happier! I love myself.
Attitude isn't really abnormal, I'm a teenage girl. I have hormones. I have an attitude. Sound familiar?

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