Monday, 25 July 2011

grant mower? who?

A 12 year-old boy from Flower Mound, Texas has been confirmed to create a dress for the first lady Michelle Obama. I saw this on Perez Hilton's blog, (where else?) and after watching the video along with reading the post itself decided this really needed to be recognised!

Of course it's been hard for him, I mean everyone gets bullied in school at some point. Imagine being a 12 year old guy wanting to be a fashion designer in middle school.. tough right? His perseverance is inspiring, no matter what the bullies do he carries on reaching for what he wants in life!

He won a local fashion competition in his home town beating out fashion students in high school and college! Impressive.  Here's some pictures of the designs I could get hold of:

I really wanted to show you the design he has in store for Mrs Obama, but it's being kept securely under wraps! Grant will be travelling to Park City, Utah to schedule a fitting with this lucky lady whilst she's in town for a presidential fundraiser next week.

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